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Surrender/Rehome Programs

In the event you need to find a new home for your bird we have two programs to assist. Please note that prior to be accepted into either program we require all birds to be disease tested for psittacosis and PBFD. If this has not been done previously we will mail you out a swab kit to collect a “bottom of the cage” sample to be mailed to a lab for testing; current owners are responsible for the pre-negotiated rate of $30 for the above mentioned tests.

Help With Rehoming

A bird stays with its current owners and For the Love of Birds networks on their behalf. Applicants are screened the same way they would be to adopt a bird in our foster care. The current family and bird meets with preapproved potential adopters. The current family has final say over whether a potential adopter is a good match for your bird. We require all birds to be disease tested for psittacosis and PBFD.

We require that the current family follow the same procedures we do in an effort to find a good match for your bird. We send approved applications to the current family for review prior to scheduling visits with the potential adopter. For small birds, such as budgies, cockatiels, finches or doves, we require only one visit with the bird prior to adoption. Additional visits are encouraged if there is any hesitancy in the mind of the adopter or foster home. For medium and large parrots, the potential adopter is required to meet with the bird three times or more to ensure a good match.  

We require that the current family ask for the same adoption fee For the Love of Birds would ask for the species and any special considerations due to health or behavior issues. Standard adoption fees are on our website under Adoption Info. The current family collect the adoption fee in rehoming, but we ask for a donation of 50% of the adoption fee to be used for the benefit of the other birds in our care

Click here to fill out a Help With Rehoming form.

Surrender process

A For the Love of Birds volunteer takes your bird into a nurturing foster home. We have foster homes located throughout New Jersey and Philadelphia. After successful completion of a surrender application and disease testing, if we do not have a spot in a foster home when you contact us, your bird will be placed on a waiting list and you will be notified as soon as we can bring your bird into foster care. Availability permitting, we do make exceptions for emergencies such as a lost bird found outside or the only caregiver passing away. We do ask that each bird be surrendered with their cage, toys and food to make the transition to a new home as comfortable as possible. We give you the option of providing your contact information to your bird’s new family so they can keep you updated on his activities, to ask you questions about his past or you may decline to do so. We will respect your wishes either way.

Each foster home only has at most a few foster birds at a time so they can each be given individual attention and we can get to know their unique personality. We ask that you complete a rather lengthy surrender application so that we can better understand your bird and provide him/her with the best care while he/she is with us. And more importantly, as information for your bird’s next home.

Click here to fill out a surrender form.

Will provision

Click here to download the For The Love of Birds will provision. In the event of your death or medical impairment, FTLOB will care for your bird -- from medical to fostering and rehoming. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or phone.

P.O. Box 229 •  Belford, NJ 07718 - 9998  •  (609) 582-4909 •  fortheloveofbirdsnj [ at ] gmail.com