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Highlighted Birds:
Charlie Charlie
Charlie is a very personable, very beautiful, 14-year-old male Hoffman Conure (a rare species!). He truly loves the people he loves, and chatters up a storm in his cage or calls out, as soon as he sees them or hears their voices.  He has sooo much personality and is truly a large bird in a small bird's body.   Charlie has a respiratory condition and x-rays show white areas on his lungs. He is on three oral medications, one med is twice a day. His condition is currently stable. He will be on these medications for the rest of his life. He is more about Charlie
Crystal and RuRu Crystal and RuRu
  Hatch Date: 2020 Crystal is white, and RuRu is blue, both are female budgies. These little ladies are approximately 2 1/2 years old.   Crystal and RuRu are both very timid birds. While they are amazing to have around, neither of them is fond of being  handled and prefer to keep some level of distance between themselves  and their foster family.    The girls enjoy sitting on top of their cage together as well as other high-up perches.  Wherever one goes the other will follow.    They are not destructive in the slightest and just enjoy more about Crystal and RuRu

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