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Budgie/Budgerigar  : :  Female  : :  Adult  : :  Small

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About Beatrice and Blossom

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Species: Bird
  • Current Age: 3 Years 2 Months (best estimate)



Hatch Date: Beatrice - 2021 and Blossom - 2022



Beatrice (green- 2 years) and Blossom (blue 3 years) are two young, friendly, talkative, 


but slightly skittish female Budgies. 
They are a bonded pair that adores each other’s company.
They will be adopted out together. 
We will not break up these two birds.



Beatrice is the “leader” of the two. 


Blossom does anything Beatrice does. 
Beatrice loves human attention and will come right over to you when you come towards the cage. 
She can get nervous around hands, but will not bite. 
If you bribe her with some millet or a cell phone, after a little while, she will step up. 
The foster home has been working a lot with Blossom trying to get her comfortable eating from 
your hand because it’s not something she’s shown much interest in. 
She hasn’t been comfortable enough to step up just yet.


Something that they both adore is devices. 


If you are on your phone or a computer they will both rush over and be completely intrigued by what you’re doing. 
They are fairly quiet and don’t squawk much, although they are constantly making little squeaks that sound 
a bit like a duck. 
They will chirp and whistle when you come over to get your attention. 


They have had many opportunities to come out of their cage, but only have a handful of times. 


The few times they came out, they struggled a bit with landing. 
Since they got a larger cage they have been doing much better with it. 
Toys have not seemed very interesting to them and it’s resulted in them playing with their food instead. 


They are currently on a seed diet mixed with pellets. 


They haven’t seemed to touch the pellets at all though. 
They are being introduced to various vegetables and fruits like peppers, lettuce,
 zucchini, a bit of apple, and berries.
They receive millet as a treat. 
They get very playful with their food and will throw it all over. 
They have even gotten as far as throwing the bowl. 
Neither has shown much interest in taking baths at this time. 
We see a bright loving future for both of them!
They have been disease-tested for psittacosis and PBFD.
Beatrice and Blossom are being fostered in Huntington Valley, PA, 
and will require an in-person visit before adoption
We will not ship our adoptable birds.
For the Love of Birds is a network of dedicated foster homes throughout NJ and Eastern PA. 
As our adoptable birds are living in volunteer homes, 
we only allow approved adopters to make the required visits.

If interested in adopting Beatrice and Blossom, please visit our website
Please read our adoption policies, and fees and complete an adoption application.


Other Pictures of Beatrice and Blossom (click to see larger version):

Beatrice and Blossom Beatrice and Blossom

P.O. Box 229 •  Belford, NJ 07718 - 9998  •  (609) 582-4909 •  fortheloveofbirdsnj [ at ]